NomadEnfant Rental Policy

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Rental Service

We know that renting things can be a gamble. You never know what to expect.  But with NomadEnfant baby gear rentals, you can be sure that you will receive excellent products, in good, or even brand-new condition, always clean and sanitized, picked up in convenient locations or even delivered directly to your home.


Ameda Breast Pump Rental Details

Renter agrees to the following terms and conditions

  1. To handle the breast pump with care and pay rental depot the current list price for damages and/ or missing parts.
  2. To return the breast pump in the same condition as received and agrees to pay a pre-determined cleaning fee for soiled pumps.
  3. To immediately inform the rental depot of any changes to information put forth on this agreement, such as change of residence or phone numbers.
  4. To immediately inform the rental station of any changes to the credit card account used to secure this agreement.
  5. To pay any tax imposed by reason of this transaction.
  6. The renter shall have no right, title or interest in the breast pump, except as set forth in this agreement. The breast pump shall not be removed from the state or province in which it was rented without prior authorization of the rental station.
  7. The breast pump will remain the property of TJs the Kiddies Store Ltd.
  8. Renter accepts full responsibility for the proper use and return of the breast pump, its case and all of its contents.
  9. The renter shall not allow the breast pump to be used by any other person and shall accept full responsibility for the
    return of the breast pump.
  10. Upon signature of the renter, it is acknowledged that the breast pump and all accessories have been delivered in good
  11. The Rental Depot assumes no responsibility for damages, including to the renter of the breast pump, if any kit other than
    then Ameda HygieniKit™ milk collection system is used.
  12. This agreement shall automatically terminate upon written notice by renter or rental station. Upon such notice, the
    renter shall have two (2) business days in which to return the breast pump and pay the amount in full.
  13. Renter agrees to pay all fees, including collection and court costs, if this agreement is not fulfilled and/or renter fails to
    return the breast pump as set forth herein and/ or pay contract in full.
  14. If renter fails to return the breast pump, rental depot will charge renter's credit card on file for the current suggest retail
    price for the breast pump.